Party with a Local is a free app that connects travelers and locals that want to party.


A night out anywhere is better with a local


Find locals, travelers and expats nearby and check out their profile and reviews.


Talk via real-time chat and arrange to meet up or exchange nightlife tips.

Meet & party

Discover new friends that you’d never normally have the chance to meet.


Find the best local bars and clubs - places you wouldn’t usually know about as a traveler.

Set your Party Status

Let people know what you are up for, whether it’s going for a few drinks or clubbing.

Spontaneous, fun & free

Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play and find fun people and new places tonight.


“We love travel, technology, meeting new people and partying.”
Dan Fenessy

DAN Founder

From Australia, traveled the world, and settled Amsterdam (for a girl). Our Founder loves his family, discovering new places, ping pong and is passionate about building a truly global community with Party with a Local.

Tendelle Sheu


Management consultant in NYC turned globetrotting electronic dance music aficionado. She counts on Party with a Local to encounter new dancing buddies during her travels to so her #1 goal is to make the app grow!

Jaideep Khandelwal

JAIDEEP Development

From India and transplanted to Amsterdam for study (Masters of Computer Science). Our Lead Developer loves meeting new people, coffee, beer and building scalable products (on his way to becoming a ‘Brogrammer’ :-P).

Izzy Sayers

IZZY Communications

Born and raised in England, Izzy moved to Netherlands originally to study but stayed in Amsterdam to live and work after falling in love with this amazing city! Our Communications and Events Manager loves traveling, dancing like an idiot and planning boat parties.

Alexandra Blanco

ALEX Community

Born in the Soviet Union, lived in São Paulo for 7 years & transplanted to Amsterdam for its poetic weather. Our Head of Community is an Instagram freak, Rock’n'Roll-forever-type, passionate feminist and is totally addicted to cats. Loves identifying our Super Locals.

Jaap Bakker

JAAP Development

As Dutch as can be, Jaap grew up in the Netherlands. As soon as he could, our front-end developer moved away from his parents to settle in Amsterdam. He likes to party, and enjoys museums, dance, art and most of all, partying and dancing!


FELIPE Development

Based in the greenest city of Brazil and raised by Italians, Felipe is addicted to surf music, coding for mobile, travel and the Dutch “gezelligheid” atmosphere. He spends most of his time making sure that you get a great experience using the Party with a local app.


CLEM Data analysis

Originally from France, Clément paused his studies in engineering to join the Party with a Local team in Amsterdam for 3 months. Clément helps our users match with people with similar interests so they can get the party started! He loves sports, especially football, along with road trips, photography and meeting people over a beer.


Those who support and advise Party with a Local.
Lyle Fong

Lyle Fong

Co-Founder of Hobo Labs, Lithium, Currently CEO at Hobo Labs.

Binh Tran

Binh Tran

Entrepreneur and Investor. Co-founded Klout, currently Venture Partner at 500 Startups.

Sandra Sick

Sandra Sick

Director of Strategic Partnerships, EyeSee Solutions, Mentor at Fábrica de Startups and Beta-i in Lisbon.

Sandra Sick

Pedro Santos Vieira

Founder, President at West to West. Investment Advisor and Mentor at Portugal Ventures, Founder, CEO of WiserGo.


“The purpose of the app is exactly what it sounds like: to connect users with locals for a night out...”
New York Times


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“Party with a Local is a free app that turns this lonely planet into a very friendly one...”
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