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“The purpose of the app is exactly what it sounds like: to connect users with locals for a night out...”
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Love to party but lacking a killer party crew?

Whether it’s ‘cos you’re new to a city, traveling solo, or just got boring ass friends... we’ve all been there!

Party with a Local is committed to making sure you’ll never party alone again!
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From festival freaks to craft beer snobs...
everyone can join the party!

Who uses Party with a Local?

Put simply, Party with a Local is for everyone and anyone who loves to party.

Anna is a local DJ, deep in the New York music scene. From silent discos to drag parties, she knows it all! Anna loves sharing her passion for nightlife and uses the app to meet new like-minded friends.

Originally from Latvia, Linda is now known as the queen of Amsterdam nightlife. She uses the Party with a Local app all the time to meet both locals and travelers in the city, and probably has met more people through the app than the Party with a Local founder.

Some people aspire to cycle across Europe, but not Adam. Instead, our intrepid Aussie ran from Barcelona to Amsterdam - the long way, via Munich. On his journey, he used the Party with a Local app to for another type of marathon… the partying kind.

Party with a Local has a community of over 150,000 party lovers in 150+ countries.
Join the party today!

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